Weathered Barn Siding






Our Weathered Barn Siding is available in limited quantities as supply allows. It is recommended for interior use only.


Due to the amount of waste generated in processing this product, we do not offer specific widths, lengths or thicknesses.

Color ranges include mixed gray and brown tones. We do not sort for color selection as the natural weathering of this product often includes both color ranges in the same board.

Our processing of this material includes kiln drying, back-planing the board to provide a flat installation surface, straight lining edges, and vinyl brushing. We do not offer a clear coat or finish on this material.

Reclaimed materials are sourced and cut-to-order and will take time to find. Supply of this material has proven to fluctuate dramatically throughout the year. For this reason, Pennsylvania Sawmill cannot guarantee lead times on reclaimed materials.



These naturally-weathered boards are available in a mix of the following:

Random widths: 3 1/2 in. –  9 in.

Random lengths: 3 ft. – 12 ft.

Thickness: ~ 1/2 in. – 3/4 in.


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