Box Beams


“Box Beams” are Hollow, Real-Wood beams that are much lighter in weight and easier to install than standard, solid beams. These hollow wooden beams can be used to cover up electrical wiring or plumbing in an elegant way, or can simply serve as a beautiful, natural accent to any home. We offer three–sided beams in our Eastern White Pine, with a variety of stain and finishing options to choose from. Visit our Stain and Finishes page for current offerings.

*Four-sided beams and reclaimed materials may be available. Planed-Smooth and Skip-Sanded surface textures are included in the price of your box beam (prices listed below). Price table does not include Hatchet-Distressing or Pre-Finishing.  Contact us for more information.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to volatility within the building material industry, we ask that you contact Pennsylvania Sawmill for a quote on your required materials. The prices shown below may be used as a general guideline and may fluctuate based on market conditions and the cost of raw materials. Last updated: 04/29/2021 08:33:23 


H x WCOST/LF8'10'12'14'16'18'20'22'
4 X 4$16.00$128.00$160.00$192.00$224.00$256.00$360.00$400.00$440.00
4 X 6$18.75$150.00$187.50$225.00$262.50$300.00$421.88$468.75$515.63
4 X 8$21.50$172.00$215.00$258.00$301.00$344.00$483.75$537.50$591.25
4 X 10$24.00$192.00$240.00$288.00$336.00$384.00$540.00$600.00$660.00
4 X 12$26.75$214.00$267.50$321.00$374.50$428.00$601.88$668.75$735.63
6 x 4$21.50$172.00$215.00$258.00$301.00$344.00$483.75$537.50$591.25
6 X 6$24.00$192.00$240.00$288.00$336.00$384.00$540.00$600.00$660.00
6 X 8$26.75$214.00$267.50$321.00$374.50$428.00$601.88$668.75$735.63
6 X 10$29.50$236.00$295.00$354.00$413.00$472.00$663.75$737.50$811.25
6 X 12$32.00$256.00$320.00$384.00$448.00$512.00$720.00$800.00$880.00
8 X 6$29.50$236.00$295.00$354.00$413.00$472.00$663.75$737.50$811.25
8 X 8$32.00$256.00$320.00$384.00$448.00$512.00$720.00$800.00$880.00
8 X 10$34.75$278.00$347.50$417.00$486.50$556.00$781.88$868.75$955.63
8 X 12$37.50$300.00$375.00$450.00$525.00$600.00$843.75$937.50$1,031.25
8 x 14$40.00$320.00$400.00$480.00$560.00$640.00$900.00$1,000.00$1,100.00
10 X 6$34.75$278.00$347.50$417.00$486.50$556.00$781.88$868.75$955.63
10 X 8$37.50$300.00$375.00$450.00$525.00$600.00$843.75$937.50$1,031.25
10 X 10$40.00$320.00$400.00$480.00$560.00$640.00$900.00$1,000.00$1,100.00
10 X 12$42.75$342.00$427.50$513.00$598.50$684.00$961.88$1,068.75$1,175.63
10 x 14$45.50$364.00$455.00$546.00$637.00$728.00$1,023.75$1,137.50$1,251.25
12 X 6$40.00$320.00$400.00$480.00$560.00$640.00$900.00$1,000.00$1,100.00
12 X 8$42.75$342.00$427.50$513.00$598.50$684.00$961.88$1,068.75$1,175.63
12 X 10$45.50$364.00$455.00$546.00$637.00$728.00$1,023.75$1,137.50$1,251.25
12 X 12$48.00$384.00$480.00$576.00$672.00$768.00$1,080.00$1,200.00$1,320.00
12 X 14$50.75$406.00$507.50$609.00$710.50$812.00$1,141.88$1,268.75$1,395.63
14 X 6$45.50$364.00$455.00$546.00$637.00$728.00$1,023.75$1,137.50$1,251.25
14 X 8$48.00$384.00$480.00$576.00$672.00$768.00$1,080.00$1,200.00$1,320.00
14 X 10$50.75$406.00$507.50$609.00$710.50$812.00$1,141.88$1,268.75$1,395.63
14 X 12$53.50$428.00$535.00$642.00$749.00$856.00$1,203.75$1,337.50$1,471.25

*Surfacing, Finishing, and Texturing not included. Call for a free quote today.

Specifications for Three Sided Beams

Drawing is not to scale. Sidewall width may vary as Eastern White Pine does not perform well under tight tolerances. Please call for more information.

Our three-sided beams are perfect for interior walls and ceilings. These beams have an open back for easy mounting and provide the option to conceal exposed wires or plumbing. All of our box beams are fabricated a few inches longer than listed for the customer to cut-to-length on site. Ends may not be square. Temporary/removable interior blocking are included in every beam. Blocking is placed every 24 in. and may be removed to wrap an existing structure, or left in as permanent structural support. 2″ of clearance will be left from the top of the blocking to the top of the box beam. Top edges of three-sided box beams will be straight-lined to sit flush with your drywall. If any required box beams are intended to wrap an existing or planned structure, Pennsylvania Sawmill will require the true dimensions of that structure to ensure adequate interior clearance. Exterior dimensions on beam wraps may vary. Shop drawings may be provided for the customer’s authorization prior to fabrication.


We have a variety of stain and finishing options to choose from. Visit the Stain and Finishes page for all the options.

Box Beam Installation


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