This month, we’re looking back at the history of timber framing. Dating back to the Neolithic period, timber framing has been used for centuries to create sturdy and aesthetically pleasing structures. From traditional post-and-beam frames to modern engineered timber structures, timber framing has been a staple of architecture for thousands of years. Here at Pennsylvania Sawmill Company, we are proud to be part of this long and storied tradition, of providing high-quality timber for your building projects. We have a variety of options to make this incredible building style accessible to you and yours. Read on below for more details about how to bring this type of craftsmanship to your own backyard.

If we are going to talk about timber framing, we had better get straight into the nitty gritty details about joinery. Traditionally, mortise and tenon joints have been used as the old standby for timber frame structures large and small. It’s still a great option and you’ll see us using it here and there, but in the interest of time, strength, and aesthetics- we are likely to recommend steel plates or concealed all thread rods for your project. Timber and steel go together like PB&J. Like fireworks and the 4th of July or popcorn and movies. We could go on and on for days about the synergistic nature of these two powerhouse-building mediums, but we know you are busy- so we’ll keep this relatively short.

Why do we love steel elements so much? Let us count the ways! The added strength and unique look of steel plates will enhance both the appearance and design of your structure, but also the overall atmosphere of your building. From pavilions and front porch kits to pergolas and trusses, steel plates are a design element that adds a unique flavor to every project. Here at Pennsylvania Sawmill, we work with steel fabricators to design and create every single plate special to every job. Do you want your plates to be classic, 1/4 “ steel powder-coated black? Maybe you are designing a wedding venue and need something more delicate like a 3/16” steel plate powder-coated white. Whatever your vision and project calls for, we’ve got you covered! 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our customers, for your continued support. We are proud to be part of the long and storied tradition of timber framing and are committed to providing high-quality materials for your building projects. We look forward to continuing to provide the best timber framing solutions and materials for your projects for years to come.

Thank you for choosing Pennsylvania Sawmill Company.